Happiness Breeds Happiness


I have noticed that thinking negative thoughts often creates even more negativity. So, logically, the opposite must be true as well: happiness leads ever on to greater joy! Happy people aren’t always the richest, best looking, healthiest people. They don’t always have the newest gadgets or biggest homes or most attractive spouses. They are happy despite having the same problems unhappy people have. The difference is that happy people feel grateful for what they have and find peace in themselves. They appreciate small things and rejoice over their blessings. They don’t dwell on obstacles; they attempt to ignore them, overcome them, or repurpose them. They turn challenges into a useful aspect for learning and growth in their lives. They treat others with kindness and compassion. They surround themselves with beauty, love, and things that make them smile. They focus on the positives, and that challenge I am henceforth going to actively work towards: count my blessings every day!

Peace and love.IMG_20150203_200622_767

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