October 2, 2015 Fall Frightfest


October 2: Re-Animator. Rating: 2/5. Comment: Based on a tale by H.P. Lovecraft, this science fiction (and I use that descriptor loosely) horror film (and I use that phrase loosely, too) was a comedy of errors from beginning to end. Though the concept of “healing” after physical death is infinitely appealing, it is, unfortunately, predictably derivative, even back in 1985 when this flick came out. It wasn’t even that bold of an idea when Lovecraft wrote it in 1921 (right, Bram Stoker and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley?). Despite this glaring intellectual piracy in the “life after death” literary tradition, I feel comfortable labeling him the forefather of the current “zombie apocalypse” hype with which Millennials are obsessed. I digress. They say that time waits for no man, and in the spirit of this thought, time has long ago left the graphics of this film behind in the dust. I’m fairly certain the cat and most of the reanimated dead were actually Henson’s puppets, when Jim was young and desperate for cash, as that is the only possible explanation for such shoddy craftsmanship, poor choreography, and unrealistic appearance. There was a lot of unnecessary nudity, though, so there’s that. I gave it a two because I asked myself a simple but solid question: If someone held a gun to my head and demanded I watch it again, would I do so? The answer was a resounding “maybe.” I guess I’d rather see it another time than be killed, so I couldn’t justify giving it a one star.

Peace and love.


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