October 6, 2015 Fall Frightfest


October 6: A Haunting at Silver Falls. Rating: 4/5. Comment: This is one with so much going on that I feel I really need to watch it a second time to catch it all. I know there were twins — two sets of them, really — and I’m fairly certain there were several bad guys, but just how many is still up in the air. Sadly, the casting left something to be desired in the realism department. The heroine was supposedly a teenager, but would be unlikely to get carded in a bar since she had more lines and wrinkles than the road map in my glove compartment.The protagonist’s love interest was a nerdy but sweet, sensitive boy played by a man in his late-twenties. Oddly, the aunt with whom she lives has to be at least thirty-five in the movie (despite looking about forty-five) but claims she doesn’t know anything about raising children because neither she nor any of her friends have any. Weird. Regardless of these flaws, I thought it had a really fresh and surprising story line and would definitely recommend giving it a view. I, myself, will be giving it two.

Peace and love.


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