October 8, 2015 Fall Frightfest


October 8: The Houses October Built. Rating: 4/5. Comment: This movie was unusually divisive in the typically agreeable Fornelli household. I thought it was immensely enjoyable, while Josh thought it was someone’s film school final project. The source of contention was that it had just about everything one could want in a scary movie: suspense, murder, seemingly supernatural and unbeatable yet intentionally obviously completely human monsters, humor, comradeship, gore, and “found footage” style filming. Josh thought it was just too much, and I thought it was a spectacular festival of gluttony. It had all my favorite — and least favorite — things, all rolled into one movie: haunted houses, Halloween, road trips, New Orleans, and terrifying murderous clowns (seriously, terrifying). How could I not love this flick? The only thing it lacked was Johnny Depp. It even managed to include another one of my biggest phobias (and, essentially, promoted the ease with which one could accomplish the feat): burying someone alive. I did not give it five stars due to the unrealistic portrayal of well-planned teamwork from a bunch of backwoods hicks; I typically think of homicidal rednecks as always working alone — isn’t that sort of their calling card?

Peace and love.

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