October 18, 2015 Fall Frightfest


October 18: The Ouija Experiment. Rating: 3/5. Comment: How many times must someone be told to always say goodbye to their board before it sinks in? Young people just never listen. I gave this one marks for capturing the eerie dead-kid laugh that sometimes haunts my nightmares. I enjoyed this “found footage” flick but, as usual, my better half was irritated by the “terrified muffled cries” and the “shaky camera work” that adds to the realism of the documentary-style filming. If I were being hunted down like a ten point buck, I wouldn’t have time to set up a tripod, either. In all, we both enjoyed this movie, and I would probably watch it again sometime, if for no other reason than for the dialogue at the beginning — some of those jokes are top notch.

Peace and love.


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