October 20, 2015 Fall Frightfest


October 20: Hellgate. Rating: 3/5. Comment: A man is in a horrific accident, in which his wife and child are killed. Upon waking from a coma, he begins to see the souls of people who died traumatically. Before long, he learns that he is at risk of losing his soul to the “shadow world” forever; he must choose between staying alive and rejoining his family in death. That’s about all I understood of this complicated movie. Maybe I’m not deep enough to grasp the complexities of the rest of the plot. There was a tattooed hippie guru with a bad attitude, and also an old Asian lady that I at first mistook for Snooki. There was a whole backstory about crabby surfer’s dead kid and also a hint at a love triangle involving two smoking hot “assistants,” who did nothing but rub his neck and sit topless on his balcony. I didn’t understand the ancient “mythology” the cranky spiritualist was describing, nor did I grasp how coma guy — whose name, I believe, was Jeff — could fall in love with his nurse a month after killing his family. But, all in all, the message was clear: life is for the living.

Peace and love.

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