October 23, 2015 Fall Frightfest


October 23: The Amityville Horror. Rating: 2/5. Comment: A family moves into a home just after the former occupants were brutally murdered in their beds by their loved one. Much that is eerie and inexplicable occurs, and they are forced to move out less than a month later. I liked this movie enough to rate it a three until we checked Snopes. Billed as a “true” story, it is mainly (some might argue entirely) fiction, with the aim of obtaining a new trial for the man who killed his family. It was supposedly a win-win: his lawyer thought that if they can blame demonic possession, he might not be liable for his crimes; the family that agreed to the scheme stood to make a lot of money in the book and movie sales. The claims in the book and movie have never been substantiated. No families subsequently living in the home have reported any supernatural activity. Apparently, this is just another hoax and, due to its age and era, a poorly directed one with unrealistic dialogue and a plot that was painfully slow to build.

Peace and love.

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