October 27, 2015 Fall Frightfest


October 27: The Pact. Rating: 3/5. Comment: Some of this movie was just so-so, but the scary parts made me legitimately afraid. I was squeezing Josh’s hand so tight he had to shake it loose, and I was ready at any moment to throw the kitten at the killer and bolt. It was every man for himself, in my mind. It blends supernatural with realism seamlessly and, while some of the script and character motivations seemed a bit off, the acting was really good. By the way, one of the actors is, like, the creepiest, scariest person I’ve ever seen, mainly due to his body language (he should work as a contortionist in Vegas). Also, while I guessed the very end early on (with Josh’s input), the falling action leading up to the ending was actually quite unexpected and made me so anxious I nearly turned the movie off — which almost never happens. If only the first half were as good as the last half. So it goes.

Peace and love.


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