Nail Massage Challenge


Here’s my newest video! Hope you complete this challenge with me! Skip to the results here!

Peace and love.


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  1. Renée, since I have the worst nails in the world, I will join you as of today 2/22. I will use Onymyrrhe. The all natural growth accelerator, a derivative of the Myrrh plant. Per their advertisement on the back of the bottle and elsewhere, I’m told that this is proven to accelerate nail growth. I’m using this for two reasons, it was the easiest thing I could find that was more of a liquid, thereby totally different from your balm and it stays it helps strengthen the nail also, mine have always been very brittle. Like you I will massage each finger twice daily. I have posted a picture to show you the before pictures of my left hand and right hand. I believe that the my dominant right hand does grow faster and stronger than my left as you can tell in the pictures. Cheryl

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