Music You Aren’t Listening To But Should Be: Matchbox Twenty


This is part of a continuing series. Here’s the first, on Billy Joel.

Welcome to the second installment of my newest series about the life-changing impact of discovering new music. I, personally, love receiving recommendations for artists with whom I am unfamiliar. This brings me to this post’s featured band: Matchbox Twenty.

Yourself or Someone Like You, which was released in 1996, was one of the first CDs I ever purchased, and I listened to it on repeat so much that I learned all the words by heart. Bizarrely, I still know most of the lyrics today, whereas I often can’t remember what I ate for lunch yesterday.

1.”Push”: This is the first song I remember hearing from the group, and is one of my long-standing favorites. I was in high school when it was released, and back in those days music videos were LIFE. In my case, I got a glimpse of Rob Thomas and instantly knew I would marry him some day. The song describes mistreating the people we love, and who can’t relate to that?


2.”Bent”: This song from their second album proved them to be more than just a one-album-wonder, and revived my love for the group. It describes how we often make our relationships much more complicated than they need to be.


3.”3 AM”: Another early favorite of mine, this song perfectly fit the soundtrack of my college years: staying up late, obsessive worry, a fear of the future, but grasping desperately to just a little bit of hope.


4.”Real World”: How could you not like a song which includes the lyrics “I wish the real world would just stop hassling me.” I love this one. It’s fun.


5.”She’s So Mean”: One of the songs from a more recent album, this song channels Billy Joel as well as the bubblegum pop of the 1960’s. I can’t help but want to dance whenever I hear it.


I hope you enjoyed these choices. Though Matchbox Twenty just went on another hiatus a few weeks ago, we can keep our fingers crossed that they will get back together again in the future. In the meantime, Rob Thomas can work on writing the song he’ll sing to me on our wedding day.

Peace and love.


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