October 4, 2016 Fall Frightfest


October 4: The Den. Rating:2/5. Comment: Where do I begin in describing the many flaws that render this flick unrealistic and excruciating? I know: no one tracks, kidnaps, and murders the friends and family of a complete stranger they are stalking. No one. Does not happen. Ever. A reason for this behavior was never given, either. We were just expected to believe a group of anonymous murderers were tormenting the heroine by killing her loved ones to drive her mad before they finally put her out of her misery, I guess. Maybe I just missed the explanation for why this huge gang of masked sadists had such rage for this one innocent, average woman they happened upon in an online site. The whole plot line is insulting to our intelligence. Another aspect of this movie that is alarmingly off-key is the inexplicable nature of the minor characters’ reactions to changing events. All but the protagonist were basically parodies of horror movie stock characters. Does the screenwriter even know other real life people? My working theory is that the director of the movie is a hermit who had never actually met another living human being prior to beginning filming. I suppose it is just as likely that the producer is a thirteen-year-old. But, those are the only two plausible explanations. My final complaint is the confusion surrounding the general framework of the film: the entire movie is supposed to be filmed via a webcam on someone’s laptop that’s been hacked. Older people would find the technology-based structure confusing and hard to follow, with multiple windows constantly opening and closing on her screen. Younger people will think the prospect of an anonymous chat room so old-fashioned as to be rendered laughable and inane. I’d hate to think I, myself, the earliest of the Millennial generation, a stable career woman with a strong interest in social media, am the target audience. They must think I am a moron. And maybe I am, since I watched this cheap “found footage” flick all the way through. Maybe I am.

Peace and love.


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