October 6, 2016 Fall Frightfest


October 6: The Harvest. Rating: 2/5. Comment: This should have gotten a star and a half, if I’m being honest, but since the Fornelli ratings system prohibits the use of half-points, I decided to be generous. The basic plot of the movie is fairly original. The antagonist is someone I really did love hating. The actors were good. There were just too many flaws to overlook, mainly in the terrible writing. It was much too slow to build and some of the characters’ actions were illogical. Unfortunately, adding realism would have made this movie about fifteen minutes long: the neighbors would have just called the police or social services, like normal humans do when they suspect abuse or neglect of a minor. They don’t encourage their ten-year-old granddaughter to break into the crazy neighbor’s house and hope for the best.

Peace and love.

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