Flashback: October 9, 2010 Fall Frightfest


October 9: Misery. Rating: 5/5. Comment: It takes a truly stellar cast to pull off such an incredibly realistic and, simultaneously, frightening performance, especially since the majority of the film’s scenes features only two characters. There is a reason Kathy Bates is a movie star, even though she’s “not the movie star type.”The story itself is psychologically damaging in its authenticity. I was afraid (and by afraid I mean slept in Mom’s room) when I read the book the summer before my senior year of college. That Halloween, when I watched the movie on television, alone in my dorm room, I was terrified (and called Josh at 4 a.m., telling him to wake up and protect me; consequently, he was very angry when I ran into his room and made him snuggle me until it was time for him to escort me to breakfast).

And today, having for the first time ever watched the unedited version on dvd, I am particularly horrified by the “hobbling” scene. If you’ve seen it, you know the part of which I speak.

Peace and love.

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