October 14, 2016 Fall Frightfest


October 14: Return to Sender. Rating: 2/5. Comment: This movie was full of awesome B-rate actors who did an excellent job with their poorly-written, illogical script. A woman is assaulted by someone previously unknown to her and it ruins her life. She, for reasons I have yet to comprehend, kills her father’s dog. Oh, whoops — spoiler alert on that. She decides to regularly visit her assailant in prison and, upon his early probation, invites him to her home to do some household repairs. Things turn out predictably bad. Since I don’t want to give you the impression you should donate two hours of your life to this rubbish by being at all vague or making it sound even slightly appealing, she kills him. There — I spoiled the ending. Now you won’t have to turn this movie on for even one second. You are welcome. But seriously, don’t watch it. One scene is horrifyingly realistic, and all the rest is horrifyingly unrealistic.

Peace and love.


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