October 15, 2016 Fall Frightfest


October 15: Lizzie Borden Took an Ax. Rating: 5/5. Comment: This film was so well-received that it spurred a television series the following year. I immensely enjoyed this biopic, which stars one of my favorite actresses. It expertly blurs the line between fact and rumors from the era, including making reference to Lizzie’s supposed homosexuality and mental illness. While Josh felt the movie was a bit biased (and I begrudgingly agree) and stubbornly insists the verdict of the day was the only one the jury (of twelve men staring pityingly down at a “fragile” spinster) could legally produce without more evidence, I adamantly maintain that in the modern world with today’s technology Lizzie would have been found guilty in a New York minute, as Nancy Grace would have gleefully predicted with nightly Twitter updates throughout the trial. I cannot recommend that you watch this one highly enough.

Peace and love.


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