October 30, 2016 Fall Frightfest


October 30: The Lazarus Effect. Rating: 2/5. Comment: I wanted to like this movie. Like, I overlooked some series misgivings at the beginning. I made excuses for it. I willed myself to keep liking it, long after the moment had passed. I was invested in it. But the fault, dear readers, is not in my stars, but in this movie. It was the nonsensical and contradictory script’s fault. It was the played-out “science taken too far” plot’s fault. It was the sacrilegious “I’ve been forgiven my despair and opened my soul to Heaven yet still remain monstrous and half-alive on Earth” ending’s fault. It was the inconceivable “let’s have the dog die twice” notion’s fault. The more I think about this bomb, the more I hate it. But I still kind of like it a little. Because I can’t let go. . . much like the main character. I hate myself for loving it.

Peace and love.


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