Frightfest: Oct. 14, 2017


October 14: The Other Side of the Door. Rating: 2/5. Comment: The scariest part of this movie (and the part which left me sobbing) was the drowning of the couple’s baby, and the suicide attempt of the wife due to guilt. The rest of the film (seriously — that all happened in the first, like, twenty minutes) was one consistent let-down after another — does anyone know how to follow warnings properly? For goodness’ sake, if someone tells you, “This is the most important part –– the ONLY important part — and you MUST do as I say for the good of all mankind — AND IF YOU MESS THIS UP YOU WILL DIE,” probably listen close. While the credits rolled on this film, the hubby and I had a discussion in which I reiterated the Fornelli rule that, no matter how grief-stricken and insane I am acting, I am not crazy nor making up the visions of demons (just so he remembers when the time comes).

Peace and love.


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