Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy at 35: Day 13


Lucky number 13, or so they say. I started weaning off my strong prescription pain pills last night, trying to push myself as long as possible before taking them, and while I haven’t risen above a pain level of 4, I’ve had more discomfort today than yesterday.

I slept later in the morning, and that probably started my day poorly by dehydrating me, and though I spaced my pills about 5 hours apart instead of the recommended 4, it seems like they took much longer to kick in. Additionally, I’ve developed cough — sort of like there may be fluid building up in my lungs — which aggravates the soreness in my throat. It’s harder to talk today — like my throat is not just sore but a little tight and a bit itchy. I’m wondering if I could be starting to suffer a little from allergies. My hubby thinks it may be the last of the scabs falling off.

I did have mac-n-cheese today, and a hamburger (with home-grown lettuce!) on a bun, besides my typical jello/pudding/mashed potatoes menu. I tried a fry, but it was too scratchy, so I gave those up immediately.

I didn’t have much energy today, so I got literally nothing accomplished besides eating, painting my nails, video-chatting with relatives, and watching YouTube videos. That sounds like a perfect lazy day, but I’ve had 13 of those in a row and am getting quite bored. I just keep thinking of all the fun activities I wish I had the stamina to accomplish, and I’m getting a little resentful that this surgery and recovery has taken up so much of my time. But, as I discovered earlier this week, the more I do one day, the more worn out I am the next.

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Time for another pill, and then maybe an early bedtime. Peace and love.


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