Fall Frightfest October 31, 2018


A few of my reviews from last year were published on my Facebook feed but I forgot to publish them on my blog. I thought I should do so before beginning this year’s Frightfest! If you wish to check out earlier years, please check anywhere under the Frightfest category, such as here or here or  here!

October 31 Double Header: Ash Vs. Evil Dead: Judgement Day. Rating: 3/5. Comment: Brandy proves herself to be Ash’s daughter. Ash proves himself to be heroic. Ruby gets what is coming to her.
Ash Vs. Evil Dead: The Mettle of Man. Rating: 3/5. Comment: This series finale was both satisfying and disappointing. Most importantly, Ash Williams is undeniably a hero, for all those who may have doubted. However, I will live with the nagging questions with which the ending left me: what happens to everyone? How does it work out for Ash? Why didn’t the show get picked up for another season?

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