Fall Frightfest: October 10, 2019


Category 4: Nostalgia Views.
October 10: It’As the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Rating: 3/5 (Originally 4/5). Original Comment: While I really enjoy this cartoon, I realize it’s an “oldie” most kids today wouldn’t like. They wouldn’t understand the Snoopy/War Ace scene, and the language is far too elevated, compared to the horrible grammar/vocabulary skills of “the texting generation.” Twenties and up, remember it with fondness; don’t expect your spawn to do the same. Update: Over the years, my appreciation for this cartoon has waned, for so many reasons. When people talk about making America great again, they must be referring to the time in which this was original: the “olden days.” It’s all depicted here — verbal and physical bullying was not only expected, but rampant and considered humorous; disinterested parents were nowhere to be found; kids were allowed to freely wander the neighborhood and stay out all night long with no supervision. You know — the good old days. The kids in the show are smarter and better spoken than most of the people I know, but are too short to reach the mailbox. So while we never learn their actual ages, we do see them engage in the epitome of kidhood: dressing in costume to go trick-or-treating. Another issue I’m unable to overlook any longer is the cruelty of the adults: every single one gave Charlie a rock instead of a treat, assumedly because his costume was shabby. Linus is mocked for his pure and childlike beliefs but never really gets to “win” and discovers, to the audience’s smug satisfaction, that everyone else was right to criticize him. Charlie is repeatedly put down and insulted. Snoopy does some bizarre reenactment which, if I’m being honest, makes me want to turn off the television but is, ironically, Josh’s favorite part of the whole shebang. The movie is, for an old Millennial at this stage in my life, rather underwhelming and somewhat disappointing. Being mean just isn’t funny now. The world has moved on.

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