Fall Frightfest October 27, 2019


Category 7: Stephen King Favorites.
October 27: The Shining. Rating: 5/5 (Originally 5/5). Original Comment: Jack Nicholson may, perhaps, be the greatest actor ever. I must take this time to thank his eyebrows for their award-winning performance. Though it differs in several significant ways from the novel (which is one of my all-time favorites by King), I feel this movie is, in its own right, a sensational success. Update: I almost dropped this movie to a four, but I wonder if I’m being overly critical. Here’s the major problem I have, and I bet Stephen King would agree with me on this: Dick Hallorann flew all the way from Florida to Colorado because Danny contacted him with the shine, but couldn’t even sense he was in danger of getting axed by a raving lunatic? His injury is a major deviation from the book (King wouldn’t have been so sloppy in logic) and only serves as a deus ex machina to rescue the otherwise helpless (and virtually useless) weeping, hysterical woman trapped in a tiny room with certain death bashing in her door.

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