Fall Frightfest October 28, 2019

Category 3: Nostalgia Views.
October 28: The Evil Dead. Rating: 5/5 (Originally 5/5). Original Comment: Though released as a horror film, this movie was so poorly done and everyone laughed so much that the sequel was released as a comedy. Maybe it’s because I’m in a tense mood, or maybe it’s because the clay-mation almost looked realistic, but I was actually scared during this movie and even jumped on several occasions. Update: Ah, to be young again. It’s not that scary. But it is, in my opinion, the best of all the Evil Dead franchise. Don’t get me wrong — I like cocky, joke-cracking, self-amputating, vengeance-seeking Ash. But this movie was more “Ash is like a real person just like me and I wonder how I’d react,” y’know?

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