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Music You Aren’t Listening To But Should Be: The Dixie Chicks


This is part of a continuing series. Here’s the first, on Billy Joel, and the second, on Matchbox 20.

Admittedly, country music is not my preferred genre. That being said, I do love a surprising number of country bands and solo artists, both old and young. One such group is the Dixie Chicks. These women are incredibly talented, beautiful, and courageous, and I couldn’t recommend that you check them out more highly.

1.”Wide Open Spaces”: Written as a tribute to growing up and going off on your own, this is one of the first songs the band released after Natalie Maines joined as lead singer. It is a song about experiencing new things, meeting new people — essentially going on an adventure and not being afraid to do so.


2.”Not Ready to Make Nice”: This song is one of their more recent hits, and was released after the band received media backlash when, during a concert performance in England, they infamously denounced President George W. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq. While the controversy over their comments swirled, the band wrote this song to express their own anger and sadness at how people were reacting to them. It won three Grammy awards.


3.”You Were Mine”: My favorite song from this band, the lyrics describe the common but heart-breaking situation of one partner falling in love with someone new and the other not wanting to let go. It has a haunting melody and genuine emotion behind the lyrics.


4.”Landslide”: While originally written and performed by Fleetwood Mac, this song very naturally shifts into a country vibe and fits the Dixie Chicks’ vocal and instrumental abilities perfectly. Furthermore, while this is completely unimportant and superficial, the three ladies each look absolutely stunning in this video. I’m fairly certain they are actual goddesses.


5.”Goodbye Earl”: In this song, the band tackles some tough topics: domestic violence and murder. Sadly, it brings to light some of the flaws of our justice system, in that while someone is in theory protected by a restraining order, it is, in actuality, often an ineffective method of defense. All that aside, this song’s set to an upbeat rhythm and makes for an ideal group karaoke tune on girls’ night.


It was incredibly hard for me to only choose a few of the many great options from the Dixie Chicks. I may have to do another post on this band in the future. Until then, I also suggest checking out “Without You” and “Cowboy Take Me Away.”

Peace and love.

Beauty Shaming


It’s all around us: the obsession with appearance. Celebrities are constantly being praised or humiliated for their appearance by the media. New moms lament over excess baby weight via social media. Models are ridiculed for being too thin yet are continually being hired by top designers to represent a specific image for the brand. Plus-sized advocates loudly protest popular stores that do not cater to that particular clientele. Magazine covers feature airbrushed cover girls looking flawless. Makeup artists demonstrate on online videos how to fake higher cheekbones, cover blemishes, even out imperfections, and contour, blend, and highlight your way to a face that is simultaneously unrealistically gorgeous and impractical for daily life. Those who are caught altering their pictures with Photoshop are criticized. Those who subtly Photoshop their pictures are admired and envied.

And we all pretend that this is normal. We are all victims and perpetrators. We all buy the tabloids or click the link or repost the pictures or feel self-conscious and worthless in comparison to the forgeries presented by the media.

This must stop. For my own sanity, I cannot continue to compare myself unfavourably to images that are not real because they have been “touched up” before being printed. I don’t want to fall into the trap of putting down others to raise myself up. I do not want to be the cause of another person’s pain.

People have so much more to offer than just how they look. It is really the quality of their hearts and intentions of their minds that matter.

Peace and love.IMG_20150206_080514_115