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Favorite Budget-Friendly Winter Scents


Every woman knows that a season change brings about a perfume change. Some fragrances are more appropriate for certain times of the year over others. As a rule of thumb, heavier, more full-bodied colognes work better in the winter, while light, fruity, delicate scents are usually better in the summer.

I am by no means an expert at picking out the light nuances or individual notes of perfumes. My ability to explain to someone the “depth” of a fragrance or its “top notes” or how it will “dry down” is significantly lacking. But I know what I like. The products I discuss below are all surprisingly similar, so it appears that I, perhaps, am the one who lacks “depth.”

The following is a list and brief (and probably inaccurate) description of my favorite winter body fragrances that will not break the bank.


Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint Body Mist: I start with this because it is, to me, the easiest to explain. It smells like peppermint, as assumed from the name. It also has an equal amount of something sweet — caramel or sugar, maybe? It’s one of my hubby’s favorites.

Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Lotion: While I have — and really like — the body mist version of this popular scent, I especially love how the lotion smells when it dries down. Since I always layer my fragrance on top of lotion, I enjoy that this provides a hint of sweet sugary goodness without competing with whatever perfume I put on top. By the way, the vanilla is a very muted, inoffensive scent — I know that sometimes that straight up fake vanilla smell can be overpowering. This is not. Ever.

Bath and Body Works Dark Kiss Fine Fragrance Mist: I love that this body mist is a little heavier, darker, and longer-lasting than a lot of this brand’s other scents. It smells a little like raspberries and blackberries and a little bit musky vanilla, but not in a gross, outdated way. Throw it in your purse and take it along when you go out dancing on date night.

Bath and Body Works Secret Wonderland Fine Fragrance Mist: I told my husband that if Bath and Body Works ever discontinues this I would literally boycott the brand. I can’t emotionally afford to keep getting attached to smells they discontinue. This particular scent has been my favorite of theirs for years. It is a little fruity — think strawberries and raspberries mixed with peaches — with just a hint of floral, some vanilla, and a tiny bit of coconut. It’s definitely something I would wear, happily, every single day forever.

Snooki Eau De Parfum by Niccole Polizzi: Love her or hate her, the now virtually forgotten reality television star knows how to make a delicious-smelling perfume. This is sweet, cotton-candy and cupcake sugar meets fresh, light floral and powder. I know it doesn’t sound like those things would play well together, but they do and in an adorable pink and purple animal-print bottle! I’m most of the way through the largest size I could find, and when I finish this perfume I will immediately buy another. This is that good.

Pink Sugar Eau De Toilette by Aquolina: This smells caramel-sugary. That is all.

Lucky You Eau De Toilette by Lucky Brand: I started wearing this in college, so every time I spray it, it brings back great memories. I have used up four bottles of this perfume, and I love it as much now as the first day I smelled it. It is, not surprisingly, a fruity floral with a tiny hint of sweetness. It smells clean and has a touch of powder — but does not, in any way, smell like baby powder. It is a little bit heavier but really works for all seasons; I just particularly love it in the winter because it’s warm and comforting.

Victoria’s Secret Noir Tease Eau De Parfum: I used up the body mist and repurchased this version of this dark, sexy, fruity, floral, vanilla fragrance. It is a dupe for the pricier Viva La Juicy (I put one on my left wrist, one on my right, then forgot which was which but can’t tell a difference). It has almost a light caramel-vanilla scent. In fact, I got my sister hooked on this, too, and she hates vanilla. This is also one my hubby compliments every time I wear it.

Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Eau De Toilette: I also own the body mist of this fragrance. It is my signature scent. I’ve worn it since college and it’s my something that my husband always comments on. It’s fruity and a little floral. It’s a sweet, peach-based scent that is instantly recognizable. I would recommend this for a light, day-to-day scent in any season.

If you enjoy any of these, please let me know! Also, if you know of any fragrances similar to this, I’d love some suggestions. Peace and love.