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Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy at 35: Day 2


So, I didn’t die yesterday. I suppose that’s good.

Also, I was informed to cut off the hospital wrist bands (apparently there’s no “unbuttoning” them, so to speak?), and they are going into my journal.

Taking my normal medications last night (including the two irrationally large Metformin), literally brought tears to my eyes, for the first (and hopefully only) time since surgery occurred.

When I talk, I sound like I’m speaking through a mouth full of cotton. It’s unpleasant to hear and painful to do, so I try to speak aloud as little as possible.

My pain level has been fluctuating from a 1 (when not swallowing) up to about a 5 (when swallowing at the end of the time my pain pill wears off). The humidifier in my room has been running nonstop, thanks to the careful observations of my hubby, which I feel has helped a lot, particularly when I’m sleeping.

I slept for about two hours out of every three yesterday, last night, and this morning. Early this afternoon I was feeling slightly more lively, so I painted my nails, drank a cup of lukewarm coffee, and ate four Popsicles. In the midst of this energy blitz, I determinedly managed to do some online shopping, because I deserve new nail polishes. I’m even currently making my way through a Jello Pudding. I guess it’s true that every day is a holiday and every meal’s a feast.

I think today could have been a little easier, but I forgot to take the Prednisone my doctor prescribed me until literally just now (at 8:30 p.m.). I was supposed to take it this morning, but I was never going to remember to do that. It’s only a coincidence that I happened to be texting one of my good friends who had the same surgery one day before I did, and she was asking about my paperwork. When I looked at it, I saw the directions to take my steroids and immediately thought, “Well, huh.” I do vaguely recall the pharmacist yesterday telling me to take them right away in the morning. So it goes. Better late than never, right?

So far, the best part of all this is getting to snuggle the cats for days. The three of them snuggle me in shifts, like the good nurses they are. One comes in when it’s time to relieve the other.


That is, except when they fall asleep on the job:

I have no pictures of Hannibal, as of yet, because he takes the late shift: midnight to 7 a.m. I’ll snap one tonight, though, because wherever there is a Mommy in a bed, he shall be there!

Hopefully tomorrow I will see a decrease in pain as the steroids are meant to reduce swelling. That would be a dream come true. I did hear, though, that the two days following might be a nightmare.

I will keep you updated as well as I can. Peace and love.

Why Everyone Should Own A Pet


For those of you whose homes are free from the shedding of a four-legged friend, the next time your child brings home a stray and begs, “Can we keep him?!”, I highly suggest you acquiesce. (This, of course, assumes you don’t have a deadly allergy to pet dander and aren’t living in a pet-free rental.) There are many reasons owning a pet is a good idea. Allow me to elaborate.

First and foremost, pets calm you down. In fact, petting a cat or dog has been shown to lower blood pressure and resting heart rates. Even more interesting, stroking a four-legged friend for a while releases a hormone in both people and their pet to help them relax. My cat, Archimedes, sometimes even pets me back. 575881_10200791047474324_2035806325_n

Along with helping their people relax, pets often have a calmness that aids in sleep. Speaking as someone who suffers from insomnia, there are times when the only way I can sleep is if my cats are purring beside (or, often, on top of) me. It’s almost better than taking a sleeping pill. If there is one thing cats know, it is sleep.



Pets can also energize us. Taking the dog for a walk, playing fetch, grooming — all of those things help create a healthy, active lifestyle for people and their pet. My cats, Magellan in particular, often help me in my workouts, and by “help,” I actually mean “hinder.” I usually have to exercise around them, in spite of them, over top of them, or while using them as weights. But, they keep me on my toes and help my coordination and balance.


Furthermore, Archimedes does play fetch.


Another reason to own a pet is they can distract people from boring, tedious jobs and make life more fun. Mine, in fact, help me correct my students’ papers, aid in my reading and planning for the week, and promptly let me know when I have done enough for the day.


Pets provide unconditional love. They are always happy to see their people, no matter how long it has been or how much they have destroyed in the house in all those long, empty hours they were home alone. And, if for no other reason, you should own a pet for the company. Life is never dull when a fur-baby owns you. Peace and love.