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Book Review: The Green Mile by Stephen King


***Warning: Spoilers ahead!***

Summary: This lengthy novel describes the autumn of 1982 in the life of Paul Edgecombe, a supervisor in the death row wing of a prison. The hallway was lined with green tile (hence the title) and ended in Old Sparky, the electric chair. This novel is a frame story, being told as though elderly Paul was writing his memoirs. In the year he writes about, an extraordinary inmate named John Coffey arrives, convicted of the murder of twin children. Through the course of the novel, we discover John is innocent and that the crime was actually committed by another inmate. We also learn that John has a God-given gift to heal. Because it is the south in the 1930s, Coffey is not given a new trial, but is executed with as much dignity as Paul and his officers can give.

Reflection: One key idea King presents is that the damage we receive from those we depend on and love is often irreparable, having a lasting impact on our minds, bodies, and lives. Another idea is that we often destroy the things we love in favor of protecting our fears, biases, and reputations.

Peace and Love.