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Yoga Pants Vs. Montana


There is, evidently, a Montana lawmaker attempting to pass a law banning tights in public. Wouldn’t it be nice if people would stop legislating leggings and instead let women dress in a way that makes them happy?

First, women wearing yoga pants are modestly covered from hip to ankle, or in the worst case scenario, hip to mid-calf. Men, on the other hand, are not being attacked for wearing pants that are too small to fit them, thus showing far more of their backsides than I ever care to see.

For another thing, it is not overtly sexual for a woman to want to be comfortable, and to imply that a woman should make herself uncomfortable because it’s distracting to men is sexism fit for the 1950’s. How about if men could just stop staring at me in a sexual way? I find it offensive. Is there a way to legislate that?

Third, if a woman goes to the gym, what exactly is she supposed to wear, if not form-fitting clothes that wick away the sweat? Looser, baggier style pants could pose a hazard in that they could get caught in the machine and injure her. It is also often difficult to try to do yoga or Pilates correctly in pants that don’t fit snugly, as ones with less give often prevent a full range of movement.

Fourth, if schools plan to ban girls from wearing them, exactly how much of my tax money will go into buying new uniforms for track, swimming, football, wrestling, and volleyball, which are tight spandex shorts and pants? You can’t ban it during school hours and then allow it for sports — that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen from parents whose children are not athletes and are disciplined for wearing tights during the day.

Fifth, it is not my job to dress for your preference when you are not paying my bills. Keep your big government out of my closet.

Peace and love.Yoga Outfit and Cats 011